The workshop takes place on 1st October 2021.

UTC-4UTC+2Welcome Session
10:00 16:00 Welcome
10:1516:15Rogério de LemosKeynote: Self-awareness: The Foundation for Resilient Computing
11:1517:15 Coffee Break
Session 1
11:4517:45 Martin Goller and Sven Tomforde Assessment of Configuration Stability and Variability in Collections of Self-Adaptive Systems
12:1018:10Md Shah Alam, Abiral Acharya and Jared OluochA Novel Technique for Mapping Jammed Areas in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
12:3518:35Sona Ghahremani and Holger GieseHybrid Planning with Receding Horizon: A Case for Meta-self-awareness
13:0019:00Lunch / DinnerRoom in Gathertown
Session 2
14:0020:00Ana PetrovskaSelf-Awareness as a Prerequisite for Self-Adaptivity in Computing Systems
14:2520:25Anthony Stein and Sven TomfordeReflective Learning Classifier Systems for Self-Adaptive and Self-Organising Agents
14:5020:50Sharmin Jahan and Rose GambleApplying Security-Awareness to Service-Based Systems

Afterwards: Get together in Gathertown